Types of Assets and Advantages | New York Community Trust

We accept a variety of assets, including cash, publicly traded stock, art, real estate, and closely held stock. We're happy to discuss your options with you.

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Ways to donate

Cash: Cash gifts are deductible up to 60 percent of adjusted gross income.

Publicly Traded Securities: Gifts of appreciated securities offer important tax advantages. The full fair market value is deductible as a charitable contribution without tax on the built-up capital gains. 

Contributions from your IRA: Donors aged 70-1/2 or older may direct contributions from an IRA directly to a public charity. The “charitable IRA rollover” provision allows you to exclude the IRA distribution from income—instead of taking it into income and claiming a charitable income tax deduction—under certain circumstances. Please be aware that under current law, the rollover provision doesn’t apply to contributions to private foundations or donor-advised funds. You can, however, take full advantage of the charitable IRA rollover for contributions to our competitive grant funds, including our Emergency Fund, Census Equity 2020 Fund, and others.

Your Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) must be made directly from your IRA custodian to The New York Community Trust. Each financial institution has its own form to complete to process a QCD, so please inquire with your IRA custodian bank. You will need to provide them with our information, including:

  • Legal Name: Community Funds, Inc.
  • Address: 909 Third Avenue, 22nd Floor, New York, NY 10022
  • EIN #: 13-6089923
  • Purpose of gift: the name of the fund into which you’d like the distribution to go, such as The Emergency Response Fund.
    (Remember donor-advised funds are excluded from this provision.)

Life Insurance: An unneeded life insurance policy can be given to charity.  You may claim a charitable tax deduction, based on the policy’s current value, if you make The New York Community Trust the owner and beneficiary of the policy during your lifetime. If you don’t need the deduction, you can choose to name The Trust as your beneficiary of a policy at death.

Art, Real-Estate, and Other Property: Certain property, such as works of art, jewelry, real estate, or copyrights, can be donated to The Trust. Contact us to discuss these options at (212) 686-2563.

LLC or limited partnership interests, and closely-held stock: Are you selling a business and want to make a tax-smart contribution with a portion of the proceeds? We’re here to help. Call us at (212) 686-2563.

IRA and Similar Retirement Plan Assets: Income taxes can take a significant portion of retirement plan assets that are left to heirs. Instead, these assets can be allocated to charity, which is not subject to income tax on the assets and other assets left to heirs. This results in the greatest benefit for both your loved ones and charitable beneficiaries.