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We make philanthropy simple and efficient. Consider what donors, lawyers, and financial planners say makes us better:

Flexibility; Expertise; Tax-smart; Easy; Variety of assets

Give now or leave a legacy for the future—or both. As a donor, you may want to create a fund  streamline your annual giving. Or you may want to create a fund designed to give in perpetuity. Or perhaps you want to involve your children in giving? You can do all of the above while improving the quality of life for all New Yorkers, or supporting specific issues or organizations you care about.

Nobody knows New York better. Our staff is nationally respected for its knowledge of issues, its financial management, and its excellent donor service. Consider: We have 15 grantmakers expert in areas from the arts to the environment, from education to health care. And our donor department can help ensure that your charitable giving makes the impact you want.

Time the gift to your financial situation. Use tax-efficient vehicles such as charitable remainder trusts and lead trusts. A community foundation like ours lets you receive the maximum income tax deduction allowed by law, whatever asset you contribute. We can help you find the best way to unlock the value of your assets to fund your philanthropic wishes. Talk to us about closely-held stock, limited liability company (LLC) interests, and limited partnerships.

We don’t require a lot of paperwork. It’s quick—you can establish most funds with a letter of agreement or a paragraph in a will. Our staff is here to help you with customized service. A fund in The Trust can streamline your giving without the need to keep track of tax receipts. 

We can help you make the most of your charitable giving. Are you selling a company and want to support charity while reducing your tax bill? Do you have highly appreciated publicly traded stock?  We are expert at handling all types of charitable gifts. Maybe, like many Americans, you built much of your wealth in retirement assets? You might be surprised by how tax-efficient it is to use some of those assets to support the causes you care about. Talk to us about assets you want to contribute. 

What Assets to Give
Why Marcy Brownson Chose The Trust

“I want to help New Yorkers, especially those who just need that extra boost. A few years ago, I mentioned this to Bill Evarts, my late husband’s law partner. Bill told me about The New York Community Trust. I love going to donor briefings, being part of the community of donors. This year I made a gift to The Trust’s Annual Fund. They combined my gift with others to fix a broken bail system that keeps too many untried people behind bars while others plead guilty just to get out of jail.  I also put The Trust in my will, to receive a bequest to help young people learn music. The Trust is a beacon for those who believe in New York, and I’m one of them.”

Marcy Brownson recently retired from a career in finance and education. She lives on Manhattan’s East Side.