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You know that great feeling when you give to something you care about? So do we. And together, we can accomplish even more.

Create your own charitable legacy
The Trust lets you establish a fund that will continue to make gifts to the causes you care about, in your name. We offer you customized philanthropic services so that you can give efficiently and effectively.

We offer a variety of ways to include charitable giving in your estate planning. The New York Community Trust is an ideal way for you to fund the causes that are important to you, while realizing financial and tax benefits. We are known for flexibility, expertise, tax-smart giving, and working with a variety of assets.
Why a permanent fund?
It's the perfect way to continue to support your interests after you are gone. Leave a specific amount or percentage in your will. Or leave all or part of your "residuary" estate—what's left after your heirs are cared for and other specific bequests are fulfilled.
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Planned gifts
We often hear from New Yorkers writing—or rewriting—their wills. We help them address New York's needs for the generations to come. Talk to us about creating a charitable remainder trust, gifting your IRA, or leaving a bequest in your will.
photo by Ari Mintz 2016.
Harry Rogers was a New York City cabby who never had a nickel. One shift, he picked up a home care nurse named Sarah and asked her for a date. That cab ride led to a marriage that lasted nearly 40 years.

Sarah wasn’t wealthy either, but she taught herself to invest by picking up stock tips from the patients she cared for. Toward the end of her life, Sarah created a charitable remainder trust, ensuring Harry was looked after as long as he lived.

When Harry passed away—five years after Sarah—$712,000 was left to start a fund. That fund has now given out $1 million to take care of parks and water in New York, and it’s worth more than $1.5 million today.
Discover More
Find out the details on how to give. It's easy.

Our grantmaking is as broad and ambitious as New York. Some donors give to make this region better for everyone. Others are especially interested in particular areas including:

We can tailor a giving program just for you—a marriage of the heart and the mind. Create a legacy to meet New York’s needs now and in the future or contribute to your favorite charities through a donor-advised fund today. If you are interested in a type of fund that is not listed here, please contact Donor Services. We offer a range of funds. Here are the four most popular:

This is the best way to make sure the needs of tomorrow are met: The Trust will use your gift to support effective work of nonprofits—forever. Would you like to fund thoughtful, creative approaches to New York’s problems, today and tomorrow? We’re the experts.

Are you especially interested in improving education, helping the elderly, championing human rights, or a combination of causes? We make grants to effective nonprofits that take on the issues of your choosing with a field-of-interest fund.

Do you want to support specific organizations or programs, keeping in mind that circumstances may change over time? A designated fund with The Trust ensures that your gift remains relevant in changing times.

With a donor-advised fund, you and anyone you appoint as an advisor can easily recommend organizations to receive grants. It’s simple: You recommend the organizations, we do the due diligence and the paperwork. 

(Please note that, by law, we cannot be bound by these recommendations, but we take them very seriously and approve grants to nonprofits that meet charitable and financial standards.)

Consider the options for your private foundation. Your foundation can start a fund at The Trust. Or you can dissolve the foundationand avoid the record-keeping the IRS requires, not to mention possible disagreements among heirs or board members in the future.

We can carry out your wishes with lower costs and fewer hassles than a private foundation.

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Administrative Fees

All donor-advised funds, regardless of size, are assessed the same annual administrative fee. It is the greater of:

50 basis points (5/10 of 1%) of the average market value (Example: Average market value of $300,000 = $1,500)


2.5% of grants paid (Example: Grants of $15,000 = $375). The fee on an individual grant of $500,000 or more is reduced to 1%.

The fee is based on market value and taken in quarterly installments. If the fee collected by the end of the year is less than 2.5% of grants paid, then the difference will be withdrawn during the first quarter of the following year.

In addition, the interest earned on cash waiting to be distributed in grants is used to defray The Trust’s administrative expenses, helping to keep the fees low. (This cash is identified as the “Grantmaking Account” on the donor statement.)

The minimum annual fee is $100.


We offer investment options for those who want to make a charitable impact today—or for years to come. To steward your charitable legacy, we have assembled a group of highly experienced investors who make up the Investment Committee, which determines the asset allocation and then oversees the investment performance of the managers it selects.