Protect the Environment | New York Community Trust
Protecting the planet is critical. Thanks to one donor’s fund dedicated to improving the global environment, our grantmaking in this area spans the world.
Park Lovers
Park Lovers
We have donors who left money to support parks. We make grants in their names to maintain parks and expand programming. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

New York City is a leader in sustainability. Trust support has created open space, improved air quality, promoted clean energy investments, and made neighborhoods more resilient to climate change. We’ve helped:

  • Plan the High Line, Governors Island, and the Brooklyn Greenway.
  • Promote the use of green roofs and gardens to help manage storm-water runoff and beautify communities.
  • Retrofit City buildings to be more energy-efficient.
Wind Power
Wind Power
We backed efforts by the Campaign for Atlantic Offshore Wind that successfully got this wind farm built off the coast of Block Island.

Cities play a critical role in curbing climate change. We’ve helped:

  • Develop offshore wind farms.
  • Make the energy grid more efficient and better able to use renewable sources.
  • Make shorefront neighborhoods more resilient.
Healthy Families
Healthy Families
We're supporting the Getting Ready for Baby Coalition to get teethers, toys, and other baby products with harmful chemicals off store shelves and replace them with safer alternatives. Photo by Amy Wolf for The Trust

Regulating the use of toxic chemicals is a public health imperative. We’ve helped:

  • Convince schools to stop buying products that contain hormone-disrupting phthalates.
  • Persuade major retailers to eliminate harmful chemicals from products they sell, including a successful effort to remove flame-retardants from baby products.