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Are your clients doing estate planning? Selling a business? Exercising stock options? Managing an inheritance? We can help you as you help them achieve their charitable and financial goals.

As the community foundation for New York, Westchester, and Long Island, we work with professional advisors, providing strategic counsel and helping integrate philanthropy into an estate plan, as you identify the best solutions for a client. We offer flexible, effective, and rewarding ways to accomplish your client’s philanthropic goals, as we have since 1924.

Through the generosity of New Yorkers who have set up charitable funds, we are able to make grants for a range of charitable activities important to the well-being and vitality of our region and its residents.


  1. You control the client relationship. We can extend the range of services you offer.
  2. We’re flexible about the types of assets we accept and the kinds of funds your clients can establish. We offer a variety of investment vehicles.
  3. We help your clients build philanthropic legacies. When donors set up permanent funds, they rest assured we’ll honor the charitable legacy in their names—and at the same time, keeping it current should circumstances change.
  4. It’s tax efficient. Your client receives the maximum income tax deduction allowed by law for charitable contributions, greater than the deduction to a private foundation for certain gifts.
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We offer flexible, effective, and rewarding ways to accomplish your client’s philanthropic goals. Click the button to see our four most popular types of funds:

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We’ve included sample forms for our most popular funds.


Looking for pointers on timing of charitable contributions? Want to know what happens when a charity goes broke, or how to use mutual funds to make a contribution?


From Charitable Lead Trusts to Charitable Remainder Trusts, from IRAs to 401(k)s, we can guide you on the best charitable giving for your clients.

Here's a short video to share with your clients about creating a charitable legacy with The Trust.


What is known to the public as “The New York Community Trust,” is in fact two organizations. The first, The New York Community Trust, is organized as an unincorporated association of charitable trusts. Each component trust is held by one of our approved bank trustees, and every gift instrument incorporates by reference the Resolution and Declaration of Trust creating “The New York Community Trust,” known as the R&D. (Please note: A co-trustee is not permitted under the R&D.)

The second entity, Community Funds, Inc., is a New York not-for-profit corporation. No bank trustee is required. Instead, component funds are invested by money managers retained and overseen by our distinguished Investment Committee.

The two organizations file a combined Form 990 with the Internal Revenue Service, share a board and staff, and together operate as the community foundation serving metropolitan New York. The determining factor in setting up a fund with either organization is the inclination of the donor.  The service we provide is the same.

Donors are ensured the maximum tax benefit allowed by law whichever organization they choose. This also applies to our divisions, the Long Island Community Foundation and the Westchester Community Foundation.

Click below for our governing documents: