Fighting ‘Planning Fatigue’ | The New York Community Trust
November 6, 2019   |   By The New York Community Trust
Fighting ‘Planning Fatigue’
Science and Resilience Institute "Circles" event

DOWN BY THE BAY: Treston Codrington, of the Science and Resilience Institute, plays Jamaica Bay Jeopardy with Canarsie residents. The game is an interactive and entertaining way to raise awareness of resilience efforts.

After superstorm Sandy ravaged Jamaica Bay in 2012, government officials, residents, nonprofits—virtually everyone—was gung-ho to ensure it never happens again. The City alone outlined $20 billion in projects to protect the coast, finance recovery programs, and research how to withstand future flooding. But projects bog down, residents get discouraged, and “planning fatigue” sets in. With $138,000, a coalition led by Science and Resilience Institute at Jamaica Bay is re-energizing community leaders, educating residents, and helping them stay engaged and equipped to hold officials accountable.

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