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January 31, 2019   |   By The New York Community Trust
Putting Paratransit in the Fast Lane

Coalition improves Access-A-Ride


EASIER RIDE: A Trust-supported coalition helped test an on-demand ride program that allowed 1,220 users to book rides within minutes rather than with the required 24 hours’ notice.

The city’s paratransit system is a lifeline for the elderly and those with disabilities who can’t use buses and subways. But too often, its 150,000 users face long waits, drivers who don’t show up, and circuitous, lengthy rides. With $645,000 from The Trust, New York Lawyers for the Public Interest joined other disability rights groups to press the MTA to fix the system.

Now, Access-A-Ride vehicles can use traffic lanes previously reserved for buses. Our grant also helped prevent a single-fare rate hike that would have hurt low-income New Yorkers the most.

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