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October 17, 2018   |   By The New York Community Trust
She Believed in the Power of Social Work. So She Gave.
A Providence House resident with her baby.

MORE THAN A HOME: A formerly homeless young mother sits in the living room of a Providence House residence, where she is able to live for free and learn parenting skills.

A portrait of Dr. Helen Reher

GIVING FOR SOCIAL WORK: Dr. Rehr’s gift to The New York Community Trust continues to help people out of poverty.

Dr. Helen Rehr dedicated her life to transforming the way we help people out of poverty and other difficult circumstances. After earning her BA and MSW from Hunter College and her PhD from Columbia University School of Social Work, She directed Mt. Sinai Hospital’s Department of Social Work Services. During her career, she wrote more than 100 articles, books, and chapters on innovation in the field.

Today, we’re using Dr. Rehr’s generosity to help Providence House develop new ways to train homeless mothers to ensure their children meet developmental milestones. With our funding, social workers will videotape mother/child interactions, then use the footage to provide guidance on parenting.

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