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March 28, 2019   |   By The New York Community Trust
Why Congestion Pricing Is the Right Move for New York

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New York is on the verge of becoming the first U.S. city to institute congestion pricing — and The New York Community Trust is proud to have supported advocacy for this innovative approach to unclogging the city’s streets and providing needed funding for New York’s public transit system.

While details are still being worked out, it’s likely that a deal to adopt a comprehensive congestion pricing plan will be included in the state’s 2020 budget on April 1.

This would be a major victory for New York — including the millions of New Yorkers who depend on the bus and the subway to lead their lives.For the past decade, The Trust has been promoting congestion pricing as an important piece of a larger effort to reduce pollution, unsnarl traffic, encourage the use of public transit, and improve safety for pedestrians.

Our most recent support includes grants totaling $180,000 to the Riders Alliance — a membership organization of transit riders — and the Tri-State Transportation Campaign, a leading advocacy group.

Though The Trust’s funding, the Alliance organized riders to speak at media events and public hearings and generated extensive media coverage about congestion pricing ahead of the forthcoming budget deal.

“Congestion pricing is not a silver bullet for addressing the challenges facing our region’s transportation system, but it will represent a giant step forward in providing revenue to maintain the subway and improve bus service across the city” said Arturo Garcia-Costas, The New York Community Trust’s Program Officer for Environment. “It will also help clear the air. When Stockholm adopted its system there was a 15 percent drop in soot pollution and a 50 percent reduction in asthma rates.”

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