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February 12, 2018   |   By The New York Community Trust
William Donnell

“I consider myself one of the lucky ones, and I’m interested in many of the City’s problems and opportunities: the arts, health care, spiritual care, gay and lesbian rights, kids, schools, immigrants struggling to learn enough English to get a decent job, the homeless, preserving great architecture. The list goes on. I’m a bleeding heart if there ever was one. The challenge for me has been finding a focus and taking manageable bites.

The staff at The Trust has helped me refine my personal response to the City’s needs. I can’t give to every good cause, but I can be part of the solution in specific areas. When I established my donor-advised fund, they took a look at the areas where I’d been most involved and helped me evaluate specific nonprofits. The red flags and green lights they’ve offered in response to my suggestions have empowered me to make the most of what I can do.

New York City’s parks and open spaces are a particular interest of mine because I believe they soothe the spirit, clear the mind, and bring all kinds of people together. I had never done much about it because, frankly, I didn’t know where to begin. Two years ago I established a field-of-interest fund and asked Trust staff to make gifts from it to preserve and promote open spaces in the City. They have used these funds for projects I would never have known about or imagined were possible.

In due time, a good portion of my estate will go to The Trust because I believe these people are uniquely qualified to address New York’s needs.”

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