Bridges from School to Work | AR2020 - The New York Community Trust

Rachel D. Pardoe, NYCT Program Officer, Older Adults, People with Disabilities, Animal Welfare

Bridges from School to Work was established in 1989 and it helps students with disabilities find jobs in their communities. It helps them from the application and job search process, through interviews and onboarding, and then helps them maintain jobs in their community.

Rachel Pardoe:

The organization began serving students in New York City in 2018, first in the Bronx, and also began serving students in Brooklyn. The issue at hand is that there are 250,000 students with disabilities in New York City and most of them, about 90%, have disabilities that are not a physical impairment. Many of these students struggle with the transition from high school to employment and as a result, the employment rate for people with disabilities is alarmingly low; less than 50% of people with disabilities are employed.

Rachel Pardoe:

This grant is interesting because it not only helps students with disabilities find jobs but also gives back to the community because it works with local employers to find good candidates for their open positions.