Combining Resources for Impact

For decades, we’ve brought funders together to address the challenges facing New York City, Long Island, and Westchester. By pooling dollars in collaborative funds, donors can take on larger agendas or longer-term challenges than they could on their own. In 2020, we housed 15 collaborative funds in The Trust and our suburban divisions—distributing more than $8 million through 140 grants to vital organizations. Thank you to all who gave.



Undercounting New Yorkers in the census puts political representation and significant federal funding at risk. Our 2010 citywide collaborative investment in census outreach was successful. In 2020, we expanded our investment statewide. The New York State Census Equity Fund invested more than $3.5 million in get-out-the-count activities, starting in 2019 and continuing through October 2020—the end of the COVID-extended census schedule. Grants to dozens of community groups, libraries, and other nonprofits across the state made sure more New Yorkers got counted.


We created the Mosaic Network and Fund in 2018 to help arts and cultural groups led by and created for African, Latinx, Asian, Arab, and Native American people. To succeed, these groups need flexible funding and stronger connections to philanthropy. In 2020, the Network brought together 280 people, representing 160 arts groups and 49 funding entities, for three virtual learning exchanges exploring the redistribution of power, taking collective action, and catalyzing systemic change.


For more than 30 years, the Donors’ Education Collaborative fought for the most vulnerable in New York City’s public-school system, which serves 1.2 million students. To make funding more equitable, expand access, and create a responsive curriculum, the collaborative funded advocacy and organizing, helping to seed and nurture some of today’s strongest voices for educational justice.

Low-income parents, immigrant families, and racially diverse students are now a regular part of policy decision-making. It also won a more equitable funding formula for schools based on student need and revisions to school discipline policies, reducing suspensions citywide. The collaborative recently concluded its work, making a total of $19.4 million in grants since its inception. The Trust will continue to help the city’s schools through its competitive grants program.

You can read more about all of our collaborative funds here.



Early Childhood Partners Fund • Foster Care Excellence Fund • Fund for New Citizens • New York City Workforce Development Fund


Good Neighbors Initiative • Long Island Civic Engagement Fund • Long Island Immigrant Children’s Fund • Long Island Sound Stewardship Fund • Racial Equity Fund • Westchester Workforce Funders Collaborative

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Members organized by the Cultural Center of Elmont, Long Island, get out the count in early 2020. They have a sign that says,
ORGANIZING: Community members organized by the Cultural Center of Elmont, Long Island, get out the count in early 2020.