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Preparing the youngest New Yorkers for a lifetime of success.

In 2017, The Trust brought together a group of funders called Early Childhood Partners NYC, which is committed to preparing all New York City children for lifelong success. Their goal is to expand access to effective early childhood services and improve the systems that influence the wellbeing of young children, especially those from low-income families.

Research shows that children from poor families who participate in quality early childhood programs are more likely to complete high school, have stable jobs, and earn higher wages. They’re also less likely to be involved with the criminal justice system or receive public assistance as adults. Lack of access to these services contributes significantly to the achievement gap: It is estimated that up to half of children who fail at school can be linked to gaps in quality care and education for preschoolers.

While New York City has led an impressive expansion of prekindergarten, it has not yet created an integrated system of high-quality services for all children under the age of five. City agencies responsible for early childhood programs historically have operated in isolation, with conflicting regulations and requirements for providers. There are significant gaps in services, and quality is inconsistent, mostly due to inadequate funding and a workforce that needs better and more specialized training.

To address these problems, the Partners work closely with public officials, researchers, practitioners, and other leaders in early childhood and related fields to expand proven and promising approaches, test new ideas, improve systems, conduct research, and advocate for policy change.

The Partners make grants to pool funding through a collaborative fund at The Trust. It is  guided by a steering committee that meets quarterly. General members, who contribute at a lower level, are encouraged to participate in networking and learning activities, and align their grantmaking with collaborative projects.

For more information, contact Special Programs Officer Barbara Taveras or Program Officer Leigh Ross.

  • Support from the fund allowed the Low Income Investment Fund to provide micro-loans to home-based child care providers during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • A grant to the New York Immigration Coalition is helping boost enrollment in the city’s free pre-K program in immigrant communities.
  • With a grant from the fund, advocates are working to make sure infants and toddlers get high-quality childcare that supports early childhood development.

Steering Committee

Altman Foundation

Catherine and Joseph Aresty Foundation

Booth Ferris Foundation

GS Humane Corporation

Stella and Charles Guttman Foundation

A.L. Mailman Family Foundation

The New York Community Trust

The Edith Glick Shoolman Children’s Foundation

Viking Global Foundation

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