Flatbush Development Corporation  | AR2020 - The New York Community Trust

Patricia A. Swann, NYCT Senior Program Officer, Civic Affairs, Community Development, and Technical Assistance:

Flatbush is a sprawling neighborhood in the heart of Brooklyn with a population that’s roughly equivalent to the population of the city of Pittsburgh. It is ethnically diverse, racially diverse, economically diverse, diverse in any way. It’s also in that particular part of Flatbush, relatively poor, many people live in rent stabilized apartments, and it is a neighborhood that’s under significant gentrification pressures.

Patricia A. Swann:

We have made a series of grants over the past four or five years to an organization called Flatbush Development Corporation. They have a number of different, wonderful programs, everything from afterschool programs to senior citizen programs. Our grant is specifically for the Flatbush Tenants Coalition, which is a project of Flatbush Development Corporation.

Patricia A. Swann:

I am so fond of this organization because they do very effective work. They’re authentic. They’re about not just the advocacy, but also the one-on-one help that they give people specifically with their individual circumstances and situations, trying to help prevent evictions, trying to connect people to social services. Of course, now in this post-pandemic city, they are helping people, connect people to COVID relief and supports. So this grant was very intentionally and deliberately meant to help connect people to other kinds of services, not just housing. That housing theme, we broadened it with this grant so that they’re doing not only the housing themed work and the housing connected services, but they’re also just connecting people with whatever they might need. Families know to go to them for all kinds of things.