Champion Justice | New York Community Trust | New York, NY
Join us in our work to make New York a beacon of justice, equity, and reform. Here is a sample of what we’re able to accomplish when we combine your generosity with that of others.
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Close Rikers
Close Rikers
JustLeadershipUSA, supported by The Trust, helped persuade NYC to close the city’s notorious jail complex.

Time behind bars can turn bad decisions into ruined futures. The Trust has helped:

  • Expand alternative-to-incarceration programs and family courts.
  • Reduce arrests in schools through conflict-resolution programs and advocacy.
  • Advocate for a bail system that doesn’t penalize the poor.
A Right to Local Health Care
A Right to Local Health Care
A Planned Parenthood in Long Island City, Queens.

We’re dedicated to making life better for women by providing resources and advocating for their rights. We’ve helped:

  • Win strong parental-leave laws and anti-sex-trafficking.
  • Open the first Planned Parenthood clinics in Staten Island and Queens.
  • Train formerly incarcerated women to become advocates for criminal justice reform and ensure their perspective is considered in policy changes.

New York is a beacon for immigrants. We’ve helped:

  • Provide legal assistance to those who want to work and go to school without fear of deportation.
  • Strengthen immigrant-led organizations so they can help more people.
  • Celebrate the contributions of our newest New Yorkers while countering hate crimes.
Civics in Action
Civics in Action
A high schooler shows off a project he's created as part of an action civics course run by Generation Citizen.

We work with groups that inspire more New Yorkers to vote, speak up, and volunteer. We’ve helped:

  • Start and expand “participatory budgeting” in New York, giving residents a say in where public money is spent.
  • Inspire disenfranchised New Yorkers to vote—starting with local elections.
  • Bring Action Civics to high schools, giving students the tools to change their communities.
Legal Help
Legal Help
With the help of a Trust grant, this unaccompanied minor received the legal support he needed to stay in the country. Photo by Ari Mintz for The Trust

New Yorkers need lawyers to help them fight eviction, get health benefits, and apply for temporary legal immigration status. By funding nonprofit legal service providers, The Trust has helped:

  • Get health coverage and benefits for veterans.
  • Keep New Yorkers in their homes and out of homeless shelters.
  • Provide legal help for unaccompanied young immigrants fleeing danger abroad.