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Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

You can help make New York better—starting today

Have you decided what to do with your money when you no longer need it? Will it go to your children... your favorite charities... a fund in The New York Community Trust? Perhaps all three?

We often hear from New Yorkers who are writing (even re-rewriting) their wills. They choose The Trust because it has a record of addressing New York’s needs while honoring donors' wishes. If you want to help the elderly or young artists, or make neighborhoods in Queens better, we can do that.

This guide gives a glimpse of our many services, along with tax-saving advice (page 6) and tips on giving effectively (on every page).

If you want to take us on a test run, give to our Annual Fund. Just send a check to help meet New York’s critical needs. Now in its third year, the fund has helped teenagers train for good jobs, families avoid eviction, and the homeless find homes. Of course, we’ll let you know how your contribution helped. Please call or email today. My contact information is below.

Vice president for donor relations, (212) 686-2564,

Three ways to create a legacy

The Trust can help you custom-build a fund to honor those you love and the causes you care about. Some examples:


  • WHO: David Warfield, a Broadway and vaudeville actor who went blind in old age.
  • FUNDS CREATED: One, with his wife, to benefit New York City, and one to help those with vision problems.
  • ASSETS USED: Charitable remainders from trusts set up for his wife and sisters.
  • IMPACT: His gifts help young people in poor neighborhoods get vision screenings and free eyeglasses, and trains those with visual disabilities for jobs.


  • WHO: Barbara Scott Preiskel, the second black woman to graduate from Yale Law School, who fought for social justice.
  • FUND CREATED: By her husband and friends, to continue her legacy of generosity to nonprofits.
  • ASSETS USED: A life insurance policy and memorial gifts.
  • IMPACT: Her fund helps teachers and principals improve struggling schools. It also supports the training of school-age journalists who cover global social issues for young readers.


  • WHO: Art lovers Edward and Sally Van Lier.
  • FUND CREATED: To advance the careers of talented, needy young artists.
  • ASSETS USED: A bequest that included real estate.
  • IMPACT: Through The New York Community Trust Van Lier Fellowships, nearly 2,000 young artists have received mentoring and stipends. Fellows have gone on to win a MacArthur “genius” grant and a Pulitzer Prize.

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