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Whether you’re a donor to The Trust, the Long Island Community Foundation, or the Westchester Community Foundation, you can manage your fund at MyNYCT.


Thank you for making our work possible. The generosity of donors like you has touched millions of lives and made New York a better place to live.

You probably know us through our donor-advised funds. But we can help you achieve so much more with your charitable giving: Make a commitment to our region and the causes you care about by creating a permanent fund in The New York Community Trust.

Build Your Legacy

We host regular donor briefings about innovative ways to address our region’s challenges. Our speakers have included the Commissioner of the New York City Police Department; the founder of a group that converts abandoned buildings into space for artists; and an inmate who started a program to lower incarceration rates while reducing crime.

Donors tell us these briefings are insiders’ looks at New York: Want to see a neighborhood through the eyes of experts? We took donors on a tour of “Hamilton’s New York.” And a walk through Brooklyn Bridge Park. And historic Harlem.


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With expertise developed over 95 years, The Trust’s grantmaking program focuses on nonprofits addressing greatest need in the five boroughs. Many New Yorkers have joined our grantmaking efforts by contributing to our Annual Fund and Emergency Fund, which supplement our regular grantmaking budget.

We’re able to report to Annual Fund and Emergency Fund donors about the specific project their generosity supported.

Three easy ways to contribute:

  • Give by Credit Card
  • Contact Gay Young (212) 686-2234
  • If you have a donor-advised fund, we’ll transfer your gift. If you use MyNYCT, look for the Annual Fund tab or Emergency Fund slider.
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Managing Your Fund

May I have fundraising events to increase the size of my fund?
May I have fundraising events to increase the size of my fund?

This is a trickier question than it may seem. You may not publicly solicit funds (in which case you are acting as an unauthorized “agent” of The Trust). Nor can we pay expenses of a fundraiser you host in order to raise money for your fund. However, you certainly can invite friends to contribute to your fund (say, in lieu of a Christmas present to you, or in honor of your birthday).

How do I add to my fund?
How do I add to my fund?


If you want to give cash, make your check payable to “Community Funds, Inc.” and write the name of the fund on the memo portion of the check. If you would prefer giving via cash wire transfer, please contact Raymond Salibur at (212) 686-0010 x455 for instructions.

Appreciated securities

Many donors prefer to contribute appreciated securities because you receive the deduction for the current value, and pay no capital gains. If that’s the case, please download this form that explains the procedure for giving securities, including mutual funds.

Non-publicly traded securities

Securities that are not publicly traded may also be appropriate gifts. Please contact our general counsel, Jane Wilton, at (212) 686-2563; She can determine whether we can accept the gift and walk you through the process.

By Credit Card

Yes, you can make a secure contribution to your fund online here. 


Click here for information on our investments. We’re proud of our tradition of responsible stewardship.