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New Yorkers want a way to give back where they can meet like-minded people, learn about amazing organizations, and harness the power of collective giving. And they want something that fits into their busy schedules.

That’s why we created the Giving Collective. It’s a giving circle for Millennial and Gen-X New Yorkers to deepen their giving, tap the expertise of New York Community Trust staff, and explore local nonprofits.

To learn more, contact Marie D’Costa at (646) 214-1004 or

How it works

  • Members make a tax-deductible contribution of $1,500 each year.*
  • Together, we will select an issue area, such as the environment, human justice, or education.
  • We will review nonprofit programs addressing those issues.
  • We vote and collectively make grants to effective organizations. Repeat!

*We welcome matching gifts from employers as part of your contribution!



Why Join

Why I give...
“I joined the Giving Collective because I wanted to connect with others who shared my passion for making a difference in the NYC area and because I knew there was no better guide for our collective giving than the team at The New York Community Trust. This community and expertise has helped me stay on track with my giving goals, while also making me feel really confident that my money is going to make a meaningful impact.”
Emily Rasmussen, co-founder and CEO of Grapevine
Helping Immigrant New Yorkers through the Pandemic

New Immigrant Community Empowerment (NICE) received a $10,000 grant from the Giving Collective for its work helping its clients through the COVID-19 pandemic. The organization has distributed tens of thousands of meals since the crisis hit. It also helped numerous families who have lost loved ones with funerary support and others facing housing needs, wage theft, and other challenges.

The following quote is from Jesus Aviles, a volunteer NICE member who lost his job as a restaurant worker and has since tried to transition to the construction field. While Jesus seeks to get back on his feet, he regularly volunteers at its food distribution program and economic relief program.

“As soon as the pandemic crisis started, NICE opened a food security program offering warm meals, veggies, and healthy essential foods. Our program is open for everyone regardless of race, religion, or immigration status. I personally sought out housing support with NICE. They helped me find a shelter where I’m currently staying and also has offered me and our community continuous virtual classes and workshops that support personal development.”

Making an impact locally...
I joined the Giving Collective for two reasons — 1) I wanted to combine my giving with others so that I could have a much larger impact and 2) I wanted to learn about important causes and interventions that I was unfamiliar with before. So far the Giving Collective has delivered on both of these fronts because of the scope of the New York Community Trust's work and I’ve also gotten to meet terrific, likeminded people and the thoughtful and dedicated staff of the Trust."
Matt Amalfitano, vice president at Bank of America

Ways to Contribute

  • By credit card
  • Transfer from an existing DAF at The Trust: On MyNYCT, make a grant recommendation to “NYCT Intrafund Transfer” and put “Giving Collective Fund 5052” in the Grant Purpose box.
  • For other payment methods (wire, ACH, stock transfer, etc.): please email