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New Yorkers want a way to give back where they can meet like-minded people, learn about amazing organizations, and harness the power of collective giving. And they want something that fits into their busy schedules.

That’s why we created the Giving Collective. It’s a giving circle for Millennial and Gen-X New Yorkers to deepen their giving, tap the expertise of New York Community Trust staff, and explore local nonprofits.

To learn more, contact Amanda Novick at (212) 686-0010 x355 or

How it works

  • Members make a tax-deductible contribution of $1,500 each year.*
  • Together, we will select an issue area, such as the environment, human justice, or education.
  • We will review nonprofit programs addressing those issues.
  • We vote and collectively make grants to effective organizations. Repeat!

*We welcome matching gifts from employers as part of your contribution!



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